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Steam Adventure Server

Hello! I’ve been messing with the steam dll for a while and decided to make games for the chat. Like Tic-tac-toe and steam adventure server!

Me and Rebecca found a cool function on it allowing us to recieve and send messages. Creating a “bot”.

Rebecca decided to create tic-tac-toe and i decided to create a Aventure game (based on the adventure books.)

At the moment i don’t have a video for it. And its only on Alpha.
But theres pictures!

[C#] Steam Adventure Server [Steam Chat Game]-ld6te.png

[C#] Steam Adventure Server [Steam Chat Game]-m6pk2.png

[C#] Steam Adventure Server [Steam Chat Game]-yc0k6.png

[C#] Steam Adventure Server [Steam Chat Game]-uzcym.png

[C#] Steam Adventure Server [Steam Chat Game]-imcm7.png

Commands :

Admin (Me) :

Player :
/reset (Resets your char, only if you die)
/playquest (you register on the server and you start playing!)
/leave (You leave the server)

Notes : 

I’ve been working on this project for 3 months now. Its kinda a hobby .
I don’t have a quest made yet (lazy). If you make a good quest, post it here!
Everything is saved on databases!

Extensions : 

I’ve created a extension system, this means i can create a program, send to the client and make the server check if he owns the extension or not. The current one that im making allows me to play music on the client. For example if your in a cave, it starts playing cave music.

How to Make Quests :

Important Note : The first quest line starts at 0, not at 1.

Example :

0 : You see 2 doors. What will you do?
Open the First One&1
Open the Second One&2

1 : You opened the first one and you died!

2 : Your Still Alive! What will you do next?
Go Left&4

If you want to play. After i have a quest just speak to me.


I haven’t been on wiremod / gmod a while since i got other stuff to work on now .
This is my first and rebecca (bekka) engine created on XNA for Asariath.
At the moment we have some SDK tools made (map editor,etc).

Notes : 
The current game Res is 800x600. 
This is still Alpha.
Im using Some zelda sounds and sprites, the main menu music is made by CzechHero for Asariath.
Check it in HQ  and tell me what you think.

Might release the demo.

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